To provide its clients with a complete service, Optimo Promotion takes care of all the after sales services. With the aim of providing a maximum number of guarantees we take care of :

  • Defects liability that takes effect upon reception of the building and cov-ers, for a period of one year, any defects that are noted, allowing the companies to set them right.
  • The biennial guarantee which guarantees, for a period of two years, any damage that might arise to elements that are separable from the shell of the building.
  • The decennial guarantee which commits our responsibility for a duration of ten years with regard to damage that compromises the solidity of the construction or which makes it unsuitable for its intended purpose.
  • The contractor’s liability insurance which guarantees immediate com-pensation without waiting to determine responsibility within the frame-work of a claim that comes under the decennial guarantee.
  • Guarantee of good working order of all of the equipment following de-livery to purchasers.