If you feel good in your house, you’ll feel good in your life: that statement sums up our idea of the word living, and every single one of our creations embodies this philosophy. They don’t play by the rules of real estate marketing because we craft places that are always custom made – inspired by local history and always respecting of the landscape.

As a responsible builder, OPTIMO creates in each project a balance between the natural poetry of landscapes, individual well-being and collective conviviality. This balance is the result of OPIMO efforts to craft places you can love and that have the potential to go far beyond simple ownership.

If you choose to invest in one of our projects, we believe that you’ll find the true meaning of loving a place, when you discover our buildings and how they blend with the natural beauty of the landscape to create inviting places to live that do not succumb to passing fads.

For Optimo urbanization of a site must celebrate its originality while affirming its natural beauty. Our projects are in line with the history and topography. The living spaces are tailored to individualities to combine smoothly with the progress of contemporary living: energy savings, sustainability and a constant quest for balance between man and his environment.

To distinguish its realizations Optimo uses extreme rigor in the finishes and details. Materials, neat decorations, selected amenities, lighting, balconies, shaded loggias, landscaped areas ... Everything is done to make life pleasant, everything is designed so that our realizations are qualitative living spaces and durable assets.

The birth of a residence rings with the happy promise of living well and living well together. Our projects tackle those challenges. They are made of open spaces for conviviality, appealing and luminous volumes, to cater to this desire for balance, so dear to those seeking fulfillment. Optimo develops original projects in symbiosis with the environment and local cultures.