OPTIMO Guarantees

OPTIMO PROMOTION – member of the REIT (Federation of Real Estate Developers) in a desire to offer maximum guarantees to its clients, provides you with:

  • The Completion Financial Guarantee that guarantees the completion of construction as soon as your contract is signed.
  • The Perfect Completion guarantee that requires the contractor to repair all defects (hidden defects and non-compliance) reported in the year following receipt of the work, regardless of their importance and nature, and allows companies to address this issue.
  • The Biennial guarantee, which provides for two years the damage that can occur on the dissociable elements of the large work.
  • The Decennial guarantee that commits us to damages that compromise the strength of the structure or render it unsuitable for its destination.
  • The Damage Works guarantee, which allows you to be compensated without waiting to know the responsibilities in connection with a 10-year warranty.
  • The guarantee of Good Operation of all equipment after delivery to the purchasers.

For OPTIMO PROMOTION, the satisfaction of our customers is essential!

You will always be accompanied throughout your project to purchase new real estate and our salespeople will always be present to answer your questions and advise you.

First of all, we define together:

  • The typology of your apartment according to your needs. Then we agree to a meeting on the site so that you can testify to the quality of the services and the warm character of the buildings OPTIMO PROMOTION.
  • The customization of your apartment according to the options defined by the developer (noble materials, reflections of the standing OPTIMO PROMOTION), and with the possibility of modificationwork purchaser (depending on technical requirements).